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Jazz, pop and a virtuoso

The New Orleans Jazz Band, which never fails to thrill an audience, has teamed up with Kate Bruntnell, one of Wales’s most versatile and accomplished singers, and Bob Pitcher, former pop musician and now an ordained priest, for a one-off Jazz Lunch.

The event promises to be an afternoon of foot-tapping music led by the New Orleans Jazz Band. Kate Bruntnell was professionally trained at Cheethams School of Music in Manchester and, while a regular performer at Rosslyn Hill Chapel in Hampstead, is accomplished in the works of Mozart, Purcell and all the other great opera composers. Despite her classical training and background (or maybe because of it), she is unable to resist the wicked pleasure of giving her all to both traditional and modern jazz. She has performed with Rev. Bob Pitcher on many occasions, and his background as a pop musician makes him a firm favourite to perform with.

Bob’s love of jazz began as a teenager when he jumped aboard a float at the New Orleans Mardi Gras and asked if he could play a few bars with the band. The nod from the double bass player and the reply from the saxophonist have haunted him ever since: “It’s more than my job’s worth young man, but hop aboard!”

The concert and lunch is being held at 1pm on Saturday, September 9, at the home of Susan and Gerald Hamer, 601, Vale do Lobo. Tickets are 25 euros each and all proceeds are for the charities of St. Vincent’s Church of England Church. For advance ticket bookings call 289 394 752, contact The Resident on 282 342 936, or collect them in person from The Griffin Bookshop in Almancil.

For further information, contact Gerald Hamer on 289 394 752.