Jazz concert at museum

A jazz performance by the Javier Alcántara Quartet will be taking place at the Jazz Club of São Brás Museum on Sunday, January 20, at 5pm.

Javier Alcantara is a versatile and talented musician. He plays guitar, composes, teaches, is a music therapist and artistic director. Besides this, he also organises the international jazz festival in Badajoz, Spain, and the international event Badejazz.

Javier presents new compositions that are the result of many years of multidisciplinary work, blending dance with painting, theatre and poetry, and improvising these in different musical contexts.

Quartet members are: Narciso Gonzalez – tenor sax; Javier Alcántara – guitar; Keke Martín – bass; and Pepin Muñoz – drums.

Entry costs €10 (Amigos €8)

966 329 073