Jardim Vista acquires water feature company

JARDIM VISTA, the Algarve-based garden design and construction company, has acquired Aquatics, a company specialising in water features which started four years ago in the Algarve.

Richard Westcott, owner of Jardim Vista, said: “Aquatics brings up-to-date specialist knowledge to lake and pond design criteria including the filtration systems which are necessary in the warm Iberian climate.

“Technology has advanced considerably in recent years and we can now offer our clients water features which can be easily maintained with good clarity of water.”

James Farbrother, owner of Aquatics, said: “Jardim Vista is a premier landscaping company with presence throughout the Iberian peninsula where Aquatics’ specialist knowledge can be applied to their extensive and varied customer base.” He added: “Our unique qualities include many successful installations of bespoke designed ornamental water features as well as maintenance of aquatic plants and fish, which adds further value to Jardim Vista’s portfolio”.

For more information about Jardim Vista, please telephone 289 356 977 or email [email protected]. Alternatively, visit the website, available in English at www.jardim-vista.com