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Japanese pillow tie

Japan’s overworked businessmen will soon be able to catch up on some sleep in the office following the invention of a tie that doubles as a pillow.

The new Nemuri Tie, which translates as Sleep Tie in Japanese, is a unique inflatable device enabling tired office workers to nap in comfort and style on their desks.

It is disguised as an ordinary tie but contains a hidden air vent discretely located at the back of the neck, which when blown into inflates it like a pillow.

The tie is made from silk and special micro fibres, which will help to cool skin during the stifling summer humidity.

The Sleep Tie, which was invented by KTM Co, is targeting office workers who are keen for a quick nap on their desk and is currently on sale for around just under £20.

The Sleep Tie is the latest in a string of sartorial inventions specifically designed to make the life of a Japanese worker a little more comfortable, particularly during the summer months.

Other unique creations include the Sweat Suit, which appears like a conventional suit but contains unique fibres infused with silver ions which neutralise body odours.