Jailbreak fugitive poses on Facebook with M4 assault rifle

Rubbing salt into the wounds of Caxias prison authorities, Portuguese-Israeli fugitive Joaquim Bitton Matos has published a photograph of himself on Facebook posing in the sunshine with an M4 assault rifle.

And to make sure no-one misses the significance of his stance, he has put his prison inmate number – 348 – in the caption.

According to Correio da Manhã, comments underneath include one from a man with the same surname saying “348 I am going to call 112 (the police emergency number)”. Matos has apparently replied: “It’s much too late”.

CM adds that there is no indication of the current whereabouts of the 33-year-old who was on remand in Caxias before breaking out six weeks ago (click here).

But he jests that “by car or by boat” Portuguese authorities “will not stop me on this planet”.

Matos was facing a trial charged with 13 counts of criminal association, extortion, drug trafficking, robbery, thefts and violence.

He is alleged to have been involved in a gang that targeted people leaving casinos.

His jailbreak in February involved two Chileans who have since both been rearrested in Spain.

One of the Chileans has already been extradited to Portugal and is currently being held in the maximum-security jail of Monsanto (Lisbon).

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