Jackpot in Porto

THE TWO highest ever Totoloto Jackpot prizes have been won by a consortium of 17 caretakers and nurses from the Transplant Unit at the Oncology Institute in Porto and an as yet unidentified man, who is still to claim his money. Both of the two winning tickets, worth 2,540,602,11 euros between them, were bought in Porto – one at a local cancer research charity shop and the other at the BB Tabacaria.

Although the hospital workers were unable to comment on their winnings, the Vice-President of the Cancer Research Foundation, Diamantino Gomes, was more that happy to comment: “I couldn’t be happier. No one deserves the money more than they do. I just hope that they don’t forget about our foundation!”

The other winning ticket, bought at the BB Tabacaria, is thought to belong to a man in his 50s who lives outside of the city and who still hasn’t claimed his winnings. “This is the first time anyone has won a ticket here; then he fails to show! I know who won it because he always comes here and chooses the same numbers. He is a nice man and worthy of the money,” said the owner of the tabacaria, António Ferreira.