It’s warming up for Algarve bowlers

It’s warming up for Algarve bowlers

Tuesday, December 3 was a warm sunny morning for our penultimate Cameron Cup game. Alvor won two points from Floresta who won four points; Albufeira took four points from Tavira who won two points, whilst Valverde won all six points from Balaia. Pedras was the resting team this week.

The table has remained the same this week, with Floresta at the top with 30 points, though this team will be resting during the coming week. Pedras is second with 18 points, and Valverde in third place on 17 points. It looks as though Floresta are going to win this competition as, even though they rest for the last week, their lead is unassailable – but interesting both Pedras and Valverde are capable of moving into second place depending upon their scores from their last games.

A beautiful morning for our Super 10’s day on December 5. Floresta took all eight points from Tavira; Balaia and Albufeira shared the points with four each; and Pedras won six points from Valverde who won two points. Alvor were the resting team at this half-way stage.

Floresta and Pedras are finishing at the top of this table, at this point on 40 points each, but with still a second half of the season to go. Albufeira are in third place with 24 points and Valverde on 22 points, and Balaia on 20 points. Things can change in the second half of the season.

Saturday, December 7 was our final Winter League game until after the New Year, and it dawned bright, sunny and warm.

In League ‘A’, Alvor Rooks took two points from Valverde Vikings who won six points; Alvor Amigos also took six points from Balaia Pods winning two points; Pedras Panthers and Tavira Tigers shared the points with four points each; whilst Albufeira Cats held onto six points from Floresta Foresters who won two points.

This changes the top of the Table ‘A’, with Albufeira Cats now in premier position with 44 points, but Floresta Foresters are close behind with 42 points, and Tavira Tigers chasing on 34 points at this half-way stage of the season.

In League ‘B’, Floresta Huntsman took all eight points from Valverde Vulcans; as did team-mates Floresta Rangers from Alvor Scorpions; Balaia Whalers held onto six points from Alvor Greens who won two points. Valverde Vipers were the resting team this week.

Valverde Vulcans are now at the top of Table ‘B’ for this league on 36 points, followed by Floresta Huntsman on 28 points. Closing in behind are team-mates Floresta Rangers and Valverde Vipers on 26 points.

Only one more Cameron Cup game on Tuesday to complete our first half of the season. Lots for everyone to come back to after the break, feeling refreshed and renewed.