It’s time for Portugal to have a woman president, says “submarine Ana”

Ana Gomes, the Euro MP who continues to hold out for justice in the “shelved-due-to-lack-of-evidence” case of Portugal’s purchase of two billion-euro submarines, has now declared that it is time the country took its chances with a female president.

Ms Gomes is famous for speaking her mind. Not long ago, she warned the BBC of the dangers of Portugal’s Golden Visa programme (see:, and this week she is in the news declaring that a rogatory letter that “could hold the answers to who benefitted from the (millionaire) commissions” over the purchase of Portugal’s submarines went missing while deputy PM Paulo Portas was in charge at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Gomes is trying to trace what happened to the letter, and is reported to be pushing for the whole submarine case to be reopened.

But now she has “surprised” her party even more by declaring that: It is time for Portugal to have a female president.

She has someone in mind too: Maria de Belém, the former Socialist minister for health who resigned recently as the president of the Socialist party.

According to Expresso this morning, Gomes’ suggestions – made yesterday at the meeting of the PS political commission – “caused general surprise”, as the party is still focused on its male candidate, former Socialist PM and current UN High Commissioner for refugees António Guterres, not long ago slated in the British press by Tory MPs (see:

There is still some doubt as to whether Guterres will accept to run for the country’s presidency, but Expresso points out that other candidates favoured by the Socialists are also men: former European Commissioner António Vitorino and university professor Sampaio da Nóvoa.

Thus, for now, Ana Gomes’ push for girl-power seems to have little support.

By NATASHA DONN [email protected]