It’s show time

Showtime, a drama school for boys and girls aged eight and above, is a new addition to the Algarve scene. Owner Garth Henriques explained the thinking behind the school.

“I am starting a drama school here in the Algarve this July and we will be based at the Capela das Artes in Alcantarilha.

“The aims of Showtime are to provide an environment where, if there is a talent, it will be allowed to flourish, but also to provide self-confidence and communication skills for the shyer child. The emphasis will be on encouraging the kids to develop their own skills, while having fun within a disciplined structure.

“The staff comes from backgrounds in the performing arts and all have experience in teaching children, and are an inspiration in themselves. We will be running Showtime concurrently with the school terms, and should be seen as complementary, yet independent, of their normal academic studies. There won’t be any pressure on the child to succeed. Rather they will discover their own abilities and be rewarded for that.”

• For more information about Showtime, call 933 403 320, fax 282 322 770 or e-mail: [email protected]