It’s cataplana season in Castro Marim!

Castro Marim is hosting another ‘Festa da Cataplana’, an annual event that pays tribute to the Algarve’s traditional ‘cataplana’ stew.

Fourteen restaurants are taking part, each serving two types of ‘cataplana’ until the event comes to a close on October 18.

This special dish is cooked in a copper clam-shaped pot and is made mostly with shellfish, although it can also include several other types of fish as well as meat.

“Although seafood cataplanas are the most sought-after, restaurants are also preparing octopus, codfish, monkfish, lamb and pork cataplanas,” organisers say.

The event was usually held in June but, due to the pandemic, has been moved to September and October in order to help local businesses during the start of the ‘low season’.

The goal is also to fight the “devastating economic effects caused by the Covid-19 measures”.

Participating restaurants include A Chaminé, Bate Que Eu Abro, Fernando, Zé da Tasca 2, O Pescador, Retiro dos Caçadores, Infante Panorâmico, O Infante, Casa Albertos, Sabores da Beira, Pérola do Atlântico, Pão Quente, Dom Rodrigo, Pezinhos na Areia and Marés II.

Organisers recommend booking tables in advance. All usual Covid-19 guidelines must be followed.