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It’s been bedlam!

If you remember a BBC television show called Dragons’ Den, where inventors try to convince a panel of entrepreneurs to financially back their products, you may remember a man called Danny Bamping, who presented a product called a Bedlam Cube.

The product has gained immense success in Britain and internationally, since it was introduced exclusively to Hamleys in 2004. The product became so popular that it was sold out everywhere during Christmas 2005.

This product is now exclusively being sold in Portugal, at a shop in Albufeira. The Bedlam Cubes are available in various styles and cost between 20 and 30 euros. Coming soon to the shop is the mini Bedlam Cube, which only costs around 10 euros.

There are always new colours and styles being added to the collection and Danny told The Resident that he intends to design a cube with the Portuguese flag on it!

Danny Bamping has been coming to the Algarve for several years to visit his parents, who have retired here, and loves the region. He was delighted when he was given the opportunity to distribute the Bedlam Cube through Paul Marsh, the owner of the Buyology shop based in Areias de São João, Albufeira. The shop is located in Edifício Areia Sol in Avenida dos Descobrimentos.

Warning: This puzzle cube is highly addictive but great fun!