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It’s all within you – find it!

CAROLINE AND Barry McCutcheon came to the Algarve after living in London for 25 years where they raised two children. In January this year, the couple opened the Harmony Healing Centre, offering various ways to help people find a greater sense of peace and harmony in their lives.

Caroline has worked as a healer in London for the last 10 years, using hands-on healing, counselling and flower remedies. She has worked in clinical settings with individuals with cancer as well as those suffering from trauma. She also ran her own healing practice where her work extended to those who, though physically well, found their lives lacking in depth and meaning. Caroline has also taught visualisation and meditation techniques, and facilitated a series of workshops designed to help people discover their own creative healing potential.

Barry is a retired lawyer who left behind a successful London practice in order to pursue a personally more rewarding life in rural Portugal. Long interested in spiritual matters, he is able to help others to understand where they are in their lives and to offer them fresh perspectives for living and changing harmoniously.

The Harmony Healing Centre is hidden in the hills near Loulé, an area of great natural beauty, in an unusually lovely and uplifting setting. It is from the flowers in their large garden and from neighbouring fields that Caroline makes ‘Harmony Flower Essences’.

If you would like to know more about the Harmony Healing Centre, the different healing therapies offered or ‘Harmony Flower Essences’, call 289 438 164 or e-mail: [email protected]