Show producer Melanie Winstanley

It’s all about planning!

Algarveans prepare for Down at The Old Bull & Bush Old Time Music Hall

In my efforts to discover the show’s Chairman, my journalistic travels have taken me from Alvor to Senhora da Verde and Praia da Luz.
Well, today I am standing at the workplace of the show’s producer, Melanie Winstanley, in Chinicato on the outskirts of Lagos, where I am warmly greeted and invited to sit on an excellent piece of garden furniture (I could quite easily get used to this kind of luxury).
I ask Melanie: “How do you produce a show like The Old Bull & Bush?”
“Well, it’s all about planning. You have to be meticulous in the same way as a director. Every aspect of the show needs to be thought through, broken down into each act, requirements for that act such as costumes, props, set building, backdrops, and then on a wider basis lighting, theatre, programmes, prizes, staffing, presentation, all budgeted for, so we have an idea how much the show will cost before we even start rehearsing.”
“You have quite an insight into the show but when it comes to the printing of the programme, for example, are you aware of all the details?” I ask.
“Of course, it’s one of my many responsibilities as producer,” replies Melanie. Here comes the $64,000 question, “so, do you know the identity of the Chairman of the show?” I ask.
“I’m afraid I can’t currently reveal that as the show’s director, Jan Sheppeard, intends to keep the name to herself for the present. What I do know is that no additional costs are involved in delaying the announcement so it’s not a problem. Now, if you will excuse me, I have to get back to work. It’s been lovely to meet you, Mr Trevors.”
No journalistic scoop this week … again!
Down at The Old Bull and Bush Old Time Music Hall will be performed at the Teatro Mascarenhas Gregório in Silves on March 31, April 1 and 2. Tickets can be ordered via email [email protected] or telephone 966 211 634 or 282 496 635.
A prize will be awarded each night for the ladies’ best Hat and each member of the audience will receive a complimentary glass of wine on arrival.