It’s a tough life being Barbie but someone’s got to do it!

news: It’s a tough life being Barbie but someone’s got to do it!

AS THE queen of jet set, Barbie certainly has got it all. She’s eternally young and beautiful, and has literally been all over the world. There aren’t many careers that Barbie hasn’t done in her 50-year existence, from airhostess, pop star and ballet dancer, to biker, society girl and princess.

Of course, there are those who would say she’s shamelessly spoilt – after all she’s been dressed from top to toe by some of the world’s best designers, from Hollywood’s Bob Mackie to Coco Channel, Jean Paul Gautier and even Portugal’s Fátima Lopes.

In her long career as the world’s best selling doll, Barbie has had the ‘50s Grace Kelly look, the Twiggy/Mary Quant touch, the hippy flower power flairs, the Farah Fawcett style, right through to Abba, Dallas and Dynasty makeovers.

She’s also shown herself a dab hand on the silver screen, having undertaken such demanding roles as Audrey Hepburn, Vivienne Leigh and Marilyn Monroe, not to mention belting out the hits in the guise of Cher, Diana Ross, Shakira, Anastasia and Britney Spears.

Yet, despite living the glamorous highlife, she has never married. Of course, we all know about her on and off relationship with boy next door, Ken, who she dumped in 2004. But when you’ve got an adoring legion of little fans to think about, not to mention that all important waistline… That’s not to say she hasn’t left a few men standing at the altar, judging by the number of bridal gowns she’s been dressed in – but, somehow, Barbie has never quite met Mr. Right.

The largest exhibition of Barbie dolls, from the earliest ‘50s examples to the latest special editions, is currently on display at Lisbon’s Docas de Alcântara at the new black and red exhibition hall, known as Toyota Box. Entry fee is seven euros and the exhibition runs until October 23, when it will move to Porto until December 11. C.G.