It is just propaganda!

Dear Editor,

In last week’s edition, you had a special report on the speech (in Lisbon) by the UK Europe Minister. What nonsense! It is just propaganda, and as reliable as that on the Iraq invasion, on junior doctors, Sunday trading etc. Just propaganda. Better to take notice of the former BoE Governor (page 12) or the detailed investigation/report to the Mayor of London.

So, what are British voters being asked to remain in, for good, as EC has made clear? Well, the president of the ECB (European Central Bank) has suggested he has no more options, it is up to governments, the exact opposite to EC policy.

Banks still fall, two in Portugal on which taxpayers will never get the money back. On refugees, the EC faces breaking up. Precisely what president Putin planned when he went in for ethnic cleansing, and it is working. Look at the EC today.

Businesses tell us to stay in EC; they are normally led by non-UK citizens. Yet, whether the UK is in or not, business by its nature will invest if it sees profits. As to the cry “45% of trade is with the EC”, well, the EC may have recession and the EC dominance has caused the UK problems; the rule is, never be dependent on one market. The UK needs to grow exports in many areas of a global market.

As a small investor, I know how fickle markets and investors can be. They love negatives, panic and cannot deal with upsets.

I don’t panic. I stay calm and look for opportunities, and it works. So ignore the “what ifs” and think; and as for one reader who said it stops wars – that is NATO, not EC, which EC countries are failing to invest in, support; look at Putin’s invasion of Ukaine.

Oh, ignore the SNP’s wish to have another referendum whatever. Scotland would be broke, as oil and gas continue to fall and no way would they join the Euro which the EC would insist on. Again, it’s the beloved fear propaganda!

D. Taylor-Smith
By email