It has finally arrived … .jpg

It has finally arrived …

THE VIRGIN Vie cosmetic and jewellery experience! I recently attended my first cosmetics and jewellery party with some trepidation, which on reflection was misplaced.

The evening at Lila’s Guitar Bar in Armação de Pêra was brilliantly hosted by Kelly O’Donnell, who had flown in from the UK especially. The products on show were all by Virgin Vie, the UK cosmetics and jewellery company offering a wide range of products at reasonable prices to satisfy the most discerning of customers.

The party was well attended and my feelings of discomfort were soon dismissed as I observed with fascination the many ladies applying lotions and potions of which I had little or no understanding.

At the Virgin Vie parties, you can try skincare products and jewellery, shown to you in round table demonstrations. And males are not left out, as creams and body washes have been especially created for them. So, come on guys, impress that lady in your life!

Beckie, who will be flying the Virgin Vie flag in the Algarve, can be contacted on 967 490 227. Give her a ring and host a party with plenty of fun and colour. Ray B.