Israeli Ambassador visits Algarve

The Israeli Ambassador to Portugal made a visit to the Algarve recently.  

Ehud Gol and his wife Sharon joined more than 100 guests and dignitaries at Balaia Golf Village, Albufeira, to celebrate the 64th Anniversary of Independence of the State of Israel.

Ambassador Gol, who was warmly welcomed by Gad Ron of Balaia Golf Village, said that it was a great pleasure to be in the Algarve and to be able to celebrate the anniversary in the south of Portugal. He hoped that he and his wife would be able to make more visits to the sun.

The attendees at the celebration were offered a wonderful spread of hot and cold dishes prepared under the careful care and control of world-renowned Chef Yossi Elad, who has been feted as one of the best chefs in the world and certainly in Jerusalem.

Chef Yossi and his team had used the Star of David as decoration for several of the food offerings, including the melon (pictured above) and a beautiful commemorative cake.