Islands – So what is going on?

Dear Editor,

What is going on? I thought that the gentleman known as “demolition man” had been removed and the board into islands altered with local representation now, and a change of government had ministers wanting to listen. Or is it like the Sea Minister, say one thing and be caught acting the opposite way?

So why has “demolition man” surfaced in a new role? What and who is behind it?

Older UK people would recognise Dr. Beeching’s name, who closed many UK rail lines with huge costs today. But he was just the front man. Behind him, if I remember correctly, was a rail minister who had business interests in roads!
Now, here, another island, Armona. Surely Olhão council knew about an alleged “invisible line” – if not, why?

So what is going on? Is there a hidden agenda/plan? Has government seen it and, if so, why are they not coming clean about it? Or are we once more seeing Portugal’s real problem – corruption rearing its evil head, and those behind corruption seldom seen to suffer.

So what is going on? Perhaps someone will be honest! Regretfully, who is listening? Certainly not to an English-language paper, however right it is.

D Taylor-Smith
By email