Island businesses inspected by ASAE

Nineteen businesses, including restaurants, on the Armona and Culatra islands, in Olhão and Faro respectively, were inspected in a joint operation by the Maritime Police and ASAE, the food safety and economic standards authority. A total of 18 offences were registered.

The investigations, which took place on July 30 and 31, led to the confiscation of 20 kilos of fish for not being correctly stored, and half a ton of fruit and vegetables that lacked proper labelling, resulting in 10 offences filed by the Maritime Police and eight by ASAE.

A gambling machine was also confiscated in the process because the establishment did not possess a licence for it.

The fish, which was considered safe for consumption, was donated to a local charitable institution, while the vegetables were returned to the restaurants after the owners fulfilled the norms required by the authorities.

At Ilha da Armona 12 establishments were inspected and four infractions were registered due to the incorrect conservation and labelling of products.

There were also four offences reported at Ilha da Culatra for similar reasons, where seven restaurants were subject to inspection.

Other transgressions included the lack of opening hours visibly displayed and occupation licences.

The inspections, which took place each day from 9.30am to 3pm, were conducted by 12 officers.