Islamic State’s “map of control” threatens Portugal by 2020

A chilling map drawn up by Islamic State shows the terrorist group is intent on taking over Portugal, Spain, Greece, the Balkans, Turkey, parts of the Middle East and North Africa and the Indian subcontinent by 2020. Revealed by BBC journalist Andrew Hosken, the map’s evil threat came on the day that a British investigation claimed IS is encouraging would-be recruits to launch lone wolf attacks in UK.

Already Spain’s terror threat has been increased since the tourist massacre earlier this summer in Sousse, Tunisia – but this new ‘warning’ regarding Portugal is nothing new. Islamic extremists have been talking about recovering Al-Andalus for years.

The clarion project – a website described as challenging extremism and promoting dialogue – claims Portugal is being far too relaxed about the threat.

Security analysts from Spain have warned the Portuguese government against complacency, says the site, as although the number of Portuguese jihadists may be small in comparison with other countries, radical Muslims are becoming “increasingly strident” in their vows to re-conquer Al-Andalus “of which Portugal is a key component”.

Given space in a number of Portuguese news services today, the map features in a new book by Hosken entitled Empire of Fear.

Hosken explains that he doubts IS will succeed in their ambitions, but then he admits that no one believed IS would be able to construct its caliphate to the extent that it already has.

Interviewed by Publishers Weekly this week, he warns: “ISIS is a relentless menace that will not stop until basically the world doesn’t include most of us. ISIS doesn’t want to just exclude people; they must be killed. You cannot accommodate someone who wants to kill you. Everyone, all Christians, all Shiite, all the people who do not subscribe to their narrow, weird, frightening interpretation of Islam must be killed, no ifs or buts. That is what this is all about. This is also by far the richest terrorist organisation. They have vast oil supplies, they sell everything from people to antiquities, oil, and this has potential to get worse.”

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