Isabel Soares in pylon protest

SILVES CÂMARA President, Isabel Soares, was among 40 people protesting, on Saturday, against electricity company REN’s plans to erect pylons through Vale Fuzeiros.

The proposed route to connect Tunes and Portimão power stations would affect almost 300 residents in the area. The demonstrators, the majority of which were expatriates, said that REN does have an alternative route and they hoped that the company would have “the good sense” to alter the current route through an area further north, where few people would be affected.

Closed meeting

Isabel Soares and the protesters were joined by local workers from the Portuguese Institute of Architectonic Patrimony.

On the back of the protest came the announcement that a closed meeting was scheduled to take place between REN and Silves Câmara President yesterday, April 26, at 4pm. REN was originally asked to attend an open meeting today but declined, opting to meet privately in the câmara building instead.

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