Is there a plan behind the madness?

Dear Editor,
As your reader D. Taylor Smith pointed out last week (in the letters section), events in Portugal could be compared to the plot of a Greek Tragedy, or is there something we are missing?
Is there a plan behind all the madness, I wonder? Are we being fed scandal and news of corruption almost by the day to lull us all into a sense that something really is being done finally?
After all, clear-cut cases of scandal, corruption, malpractice and sexual perversion on a gratuitous scale seem to take years to come to court here, and very often once they do, they take endless time being adjourned and generally kicked around in the fog of Portuguese justice to the point that almost everyone loses sight of what they were all about in the first place.
Then, when finally they come to some form of judgement day, it is quite usual to see people escaping with ridiculously flimsy sentences – or appealing and staying out of jail while more judicial argument is mulled over as governments change and high-ranking officials skip off to live in foreign lands, laughing no doubt all the way to the bank.
Forgive me for suggesting it, but I wonder if all these high profile arrests recently were just that: high-profile. Let’s see if anything really comes of them!