Irresistible flavours from the Serra

São Brás ||São Brás de Alportel is currently holding the fifth gastronomic event ‘Sabores do Caldeirão’ to promote traditional flavours from the Serra do Caldeirão.

Running from March 19 until April 1, the events sees six local restaurants, Adega Nunes, Fonte da Pedra, O Marquês, Sabores do Campo, Ysconderijo and Fortes, coming together to promote Mediterranean cuisine and the Slow Food concept.

Lamb and pork dishes feature highly on the menus, but there are also options from the sea, including octopus and codfish specialties. Mouth-watering desserts include carob and orange tart with fig ice cream, cheesecake from the Serra with red berry fruit and even carob chocolate mousse with medronho! All washed down , of course, with Algarve wines, such as Vinho da Malaca, Lagoa Reserva 2009 and Barranco Longo.

The event will coincide with Easter and is part of the festivities being organised by the municipal authority, such as the traditional flower torch festival on Easter Sunday.

António Eusébio, São Brás de Alportel Mayor and president of the Citta Slow National Association, emphasised the global dimension of the Slow Food concept, which led to the creation of the Cittaslow movement, whose goals are to establish several criteria for quality of life, the environment, urban spaces, traditions and customs, always preserving the legacy our ancestors left behind.

Tavira||For authentic cuisine from the eastern Algarve’s mountains head for Tavira municipality where five restaurants are featuring special menus for the Serrana Gastronomy Festival taking place until April 7.

They are Restaurant Almargem in Santa Maria, O Constantino and Monte Velho in Santa Catarina da Fonte do Bispo, Casa de Pasto O Forno in Santo Estevão and Ti Rosa in Cachopo.

As part of the festival, customers eating at these restaurants will have the chance to win a weekend at Herdade da Corte (featured in last week’s edition) in Santa Catarina da Fonte do Bispo and Vila Campina in Luz de Tavira.

281 320 529 (Tavira Câmara)