Iron Dog Algarve hosts dog trial

Iron Dog Algarve will host its first dog competition, supported by the Portuguese Kennel Club, on Sunday, April 9.

The Quarteira-based dog training centre is the venue for the ‘TS/BH Trophy’, which will see dogs undertaking two trials: TS (Socialibility Test) and BH (Begleithund), both designed to test their temperament and obedience.

All dogs should react to commands and demonstrate that they are well-behaved and social animals who can safely be around other dogs, people and children. They should also show no fear or aggressiveness.

The goal is to “promote dog sports in the Algarve and encourage owners to look at dog schools as more than just a place to solve behavioural problems”.

“We want to show all the benefits of dog sports by encouraging dog owners to train and stimulate their pets to be more active, confident, obedient, balanced and simultaneously happy. This trial is the result of months of training. We will keep organising other events like this in the future,” Iron Dog owner João Paulino said.

The competition begins at 9am. Admission is free.

Anyone can sign their dog up until April 1.

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