Irish teen injured in latest Praia da Rocha cliff fall

An Irish teenager was injured last week in the latest case to involve a night reveller falling from the cliff near Praia da Rocha’s main bar avenue.

The 17-year-old was out with friends and was apparently drunk when he “climbed the wall behind Mixx bar, lost his balance and fell three metres from the clifftop”.

Firefighters were called at around 3am on Friday (August 25). The youngster suffered minor injuries – “bruises and scratches” – but was taken to Portimão Hospital as a precautionary measure.

Says national tabloid Correio da Manhã, he was on holiday with his family.

Meantime, there is still no news on when a protective railing will be installed along the clifftop.

Plans to do so have been approved by Portimão council and sent to the maritime authority (AM) and regional environmental agency (APA), but the project is yet to move forward.

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