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Plane crash in Tehran

AN IRANIAN military plane with 94 people on board crashed into a building in a heavily built-up suburb of the capital Tehran on Tuesday, December 6.

There was a huge explosion and fire in the 10-storey block following the crash and police confirmed that everyone on board the plane would have died. Many deaths were also feared on the ground. All of Tehran’s hospitals were put on alert to receive casualties. At the time of going to press, at least 40 bodies had been recovered. Tehran State radio said that at least 25 people had been killed in the building and 15 were injured. State television said the C-130 plane encountered a technical problem shortly after take-off from Mehrabad airport. Emergency services rushed to the scene in the Yaftabad district and the area was sealed off.

The plane was due to fly from Tehran to Bandar Abbas in the southwest of Iran. Passengers are said to have included a group of journalists sent to cover military exercises there.