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iPhone prototype to open bottles

You can do a lot with an iPhone these days: text, take pictures, surf the net, and even make a phone call.

And soon, thanks to two Australian entrepreneurs, you will be able to use it to open a bottle of beer by way of the Opena, a hard plastic case that fits over the iPhone and is equipped with a slide-out bottle opener.

“Basically, Australians are fairly heavy drinkers, as you may or may not know,” said Melbourne-based Chris Peters, an industrial designer who developed the product with Rob Ward, a former toolmaker.

“We’re always out at friends’ houses and so on, and in some cases you may not have your keys on you. So we thought, why don’t we attach a bottle opener to an iPhone case? We always have our phones on us.”

Working from three basic rules – the case had to be slim, there had to be no chance of the opener scratching the iPhone and the opener had to work without putting any pressure on the phone – the two developed this prototype that will turn to be very useful for them.