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Inviting new Cupid members

Following the death of Nan Richardson, founder of the Refúgio dos Burros (Donkey Sanctuary) in Estombar, the Cupid Group is inviting new members to join, in order to raise much needed funds for the animal rescue centre.

Currently consisting of some 40 people, including visitors and residents, the Cupid Group gets together every five or six weeks throughout the year to host fundraising quiz evenings, dinners and raffles.

Despite an entry fee of €12, there are no charges at these events due to donations and a  typical evening raises over €700, all of which goes straight to helping the animals at the Refúgio.

Since the group’s initiation in 2010, they have raised over €7,000 for the animals.

The Cupid Group’s next quiz night will be held tomorrow (May 5) at Quinta das Oliveiras in Poço Barreto at 7.30pm.

Quiz Master Chris New said: “Nan’s death, if anything, only makes the funding that we can provide for the Donkey Sanctuary even more urgent. Virtually all the money that comes in on our quiz nights goes straight to the animals.

“The benefit of even a few extra players is quite high so it would be good if we could attract the equivalent of an extra team – typically an extra six people should add about €100 to the surplus on the night.

“So if you would like to join in the fun, either as an individual or as a small group, you are most welcome!”

For more information, please contact Chris on 917 764 885.