Investing in coastal projects

news: Investing in coastal projects

Various coastal and environmental enhancement projects are in the pipeline for Lagoa council this year, including a new cliff top trail and the improvement of infrastructures to assist sea-related economic activities.

Lagoa Câmara announced that under the Action Plan for Coastal protection and Enhancement by the Portuguese Environment Agency (APA), Carvoeiro had been selected for a project that will be welcomed by all who enjoy cliff walks.

A trail will be created from Algar Seco to the fort, adjacent to the church, in a bid to increase the safety of walkers as well as enhance the natural beauty of this particular area, which links two of the town’s main attractions.

Algar Seco is known for its stunning rock formations while the Fort of Nossa Senhora da Encarnação is an historical landmark dating back to 1670.

The trail will become part of the ‘Seven Suspended Valleys Route’ (Percurso dos 7 Vales Suspensos), which connects the beaches of Vale de Centeanes and Marinha.

In Benagil, a project developed by Lagoa Câmara will see the improvement of fishing and nautical equipment to assist sea-related economic activities on the beach, namely those carried out by fishermen and leisure boat companies.

The investment, amounting to €176,600, follows an application for funds under the PROMAR operational fisheries development programme.

The Câmara said: “It is hoped that areas for bathers and nautical activities will be clearly defined in order to ensure the safety of beach users and contribute to the sustainability of economic activities linked to the sea.”

||Excellent bathing waters

Meanwhile, Lagoa Câmara has announced that 11 beaches in the municipality had been deemed “excellent” by the Portuguese Environment Agency (APA).

They are Benagil, Caneiros, Carvalho, Carvoeiro, Ferragudo, Marinha, Pintadinho, Cova Redonda, Sra da Rocha, Vale Centeanes and Vale do Olival.

In a statement to the press, Lagoa Câmara said it was very pleased that, for the second consecutive year, the status of “excellent bathing waters” had been given to these beaches, which augurs well for this year’s bathing season, running from June 1 to September 30.