Intruders steal silver

news: Intruders steal silver

In the most recent of a series of break-ins in the Albufeira area, robbers stole 10,000 euros worth of Danish silverware from a house in Patéo.

Householder Frank Andrew was asleep early last Saturday morning when he heard a noise. Later, he discovered that intruders had unlocked iron grills outside the house, using a key, and ripped a hole in the mosquito netting in order to gain access.

They had then found the keys to the safe, kept in a drawer in the study, and stolen a wide range of silver spoons and jewellery. “The house has never been rented out, but we have had workmen in for all sorts of jobs,” Andrew told The Resident. Readers are requested to look carefully at the silverware in the photographs. Police are making enquiries.