Introducing Portugal’s first renewable energy community 

Parish council of Vila do Bispo (Porto district) expects annual saving of €5,500 on electricity bills 

The parish council of Vila do Bispo, Marco de Canaveses, in Porto district, will create the first Renewable Energy Community (CER) in Portugal, expecting to save about €5,500  annually in electricity bills.

In a statement sent to Lusa, the parish explains the aim of the initiative is to “promote and implement the use of renewable energy in this district and serve as an example to other municipalities”.

The project – which has the collaboration of Portugal’s renewable energy cooperative Coopérnico – involves an initial investment of €32,000, but will save over €5,000 per year from the word go.

According to the text, the CER will allow savings of €900 in bills for the Sports Pavilion, €2,250 for the People’s Assembly Hall, €850 for the Parish HQ, and see the local Fire Brigade able to reduce its energy costs by €1,500.

“This is a fundamental step in the path we want to take for energy transition at local level, involving citizens and local businesses, at the same time as lowering energy costs for each of the members of the CER”, said parish council president Miguel Carneiro.

He said the project will later be extended to local businesses and citizens, in order to “reduce their energy costs and make their economic activity and their daily lives more sustainable”.

Vila do Bispo CER is to be classified as a Cooperative of Public Interest, which will allow “the parish council to provide administrative support to the CER, while allowing public and private entities to cooperate, in the name of public interest and energy democracy, in the management of a common good, energy”, said the statement.

The classification will also allow private entities to join public entities, to “jointly manage energy in a democratic way and without focusing on obtaining exclusive profit”.

Source: Lusa