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Introducing Martin’s E-Bikes

A whole new concept in the Algarve is Martin’s E-Bikes which gives residents and tourists alike the option of renting or buying an E-Bike. It’s an electric bicycle that takes the strain out of all those winding uphills.

This summer, Martin van den Hoek opened Martin’s E-Bikes in Almancil and will soon launch another branch in Albufeira.

The idea behind the project is to rent or sell quality bikes to those who are keen to explore every corner of the Algarve in a truly enjoyable manner.

At Martin’s E-Bikes, it will soon be possible to obtain all kinds of ancillary packages, like GPS systems showing charging stations, restaurants and other tourist attractions throughout the region.

“It is clear that the upcoming market for E-Bikes offers plenty of opportunities worldwide,” said Martin.

“In Europe, a rising percentage of the turnover for bicycle fabricators comes from E-Bikes (35% so far). Within five years, we are hoping to set up a network in the Algarve and maybe with a location in the Alentejo.

“We work with high quality cycles, especially selected for cycling in the Algarve and always with a pick-up and delivery service,” he added.

The bikes are all backed by “rapid service in case of breakdown” and they all have lights that run off separate batteries even if the main battery is empty. Bikes come in all sizes.

See Martin’s E-Bikes at the BLiP exhibition this weekend (October 6-7) where the company will be revealing their new product, the Trikke, a three-wheeler with and without electric support.

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