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Introducing Indonesia’s biggest ever baby

A woman in the North Sumatra Province of Indonesia has given birth to the country’s biggest ever baby.

The 62cm boy weighs in at 19.2 lbs (8.7 kg), beating the record for Indonesia’s previous heaviest baby by 1.8 kg.

Binsar Sitanggang, a gynaecologist at the hospital, says the baby’s tremendous size can be attributed to the 41-year-old mother’s diabetes.

During pregnancy, the mother’s high blood glucose levels caused the baby to receive too much glucose and grow too large, he said.

The boy was delivered by caesarean section but the surgery was tough because of his size. “His legs were so big,” reported Dr Sitanggang.

The baby boy is said to be in healthy condition despite some early difficulties with his breathing.

He is described as “extraordinary”, requiring constant feeding and reportedly crying louder than other newborns.