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Internet goes green with Broadband Algarve

Internet via satellite is probably one of the most eco-friendly and cost effective ways of communicating across large distances.

A single satellite sitting in space around 36,000 kilometers above the Earth – that’s six times the Earth’s radius! – can serve entire continents and consumes little to no fuel using solar energy from our sun.

Broadband Algarve (BBA) has been supplying fast and reliable internet connections to homes and businesses across the Algarve and Portugal for the last four years.

In January 2011, they became the official Avanti partner for Portugal and in February 2012 also became the authorised Tooway distributor for this country. BBA can now offer both the Avanti and Tooway products.

These services offer clients the opportunity to select an appropriate package based not just on cost but also on quality and reliability.

A new ‘pay as you go’ option launches at the end of May, where BBA will install the equipment and the client just pays for the data they use, with no contract and no monthly charges to pay.

Stephanie Fletcher of BBA said: “All of our pricing is inclusive of IVA and there are no hidden extras – what you see is what you pay.

“We are that confident in our system that we don’t even ask for any money up front – you simply pay on the day after successful installation.”

For more information, give them a call for a friendly, no obligation quotation. For further information, please contact: 917 344 894 (English and Portuguese Spoken)