Vanessa Barragão 3

Internationally acclaimed textile artist opens solo exhibition in Lagos

The Albufeira-born artist is completely absorbed and engaged with each creation.

Lagos Cultural Centre is hosting the “Submerged/Immersed” solo exhibition by Algarvian textile artist Vanessa Barragão.

Vanessa Barragão, born in the Algarve, is an internationally acclaimed textile artist with a following of 577K on Instagram. Her work has been exhibited not only in Portugal but also in the UK, Germany, the United States, Taiwan and Shanghai.

She uses latch hook, crochet, felt, weaving, and fibre manipulation to make her masterfully crafted tapestries, rugs, and wall hangings, which are well-known among a large audience.

Under the ‘Submerged’ theme, Vanessa focuses on “the unseen aquatic world which is often ignored yet essential to the food chain and life as we know it on Earth”. Exploring the uncharted territory of the imagination, diving into the subconscious and the creative process, the work also refers to the internal world of the artist and, by extension, the viewer.

Meanwhile, the ‘Immersed’ aspect of the title “refers not only to the submarine but also to the artistic process and ultimately to the exhibition experience itself”.  The methodical technique of production and the challenges of the material mean that Vanessa is completely absorbed and engaged with each creation.

The artist invites everyone to walk around and to explore her works in detail, and to consider life’s relationship with the environment and art’s creative methods.

“I’m interested in creating an inner world, a moment for reflection and calm. Through an exploration of material and space, I want to present a moment in time, abstracted and far removed from the global chaos and confusion,” said Vanessa Barragão.

The exhibition runs until March 23 at the Lagos Cultural Centre.

About the artist

Vanessa Barragão was born in Albufeira in 1992 where she spent her early years exploring the abundant coastline of the Algarve, leading to a profound connection to the Ocean.

Barragão achieved a Masters degree in Fashion and Textile Design at the Lisbon University, exploring the possibilities of yarn and tapestries with an interest in sustainability and ecology.

In 2016, she relocated to Porto where she honed her artisanal skills working as a designer in a rug factory. She now works out of an impressive studio in her hometown of Albufeira.