International television project set for Algarve

By DAISY SAMPSON  [email protected]

An international reality television production company is looking to the Algarve as the base for its latest project, which could see the region receiving millions of euros in investment and the creation of hundreds of jobs.

However, the entire project rests on the company being able to find suitable land for the production.

Hans Imanse, founder of JoraVision and Moos Studioos, has been charged with the task of finding a 100 hectare plot in the Algarve where a set for the reality television show can be built.

“We are looking for land preferably in the Olhão, Faro or Loulé area. The land will need to be a minimum of 100 hectares but we would be looking for up to 300 hectares,” he said.

“Originally, the producers were looking to base the production in Morocco but we showed them that the Algarve would be a perfect choice because of the climate and amenities.”

The plot of land will be transformed into a fully-working set with production hub for the television series and would be needed for five years, after which the buildings would be removed and the land returned to exactly how it was before the team arrived.

“The only requirements we really have when looking for this land is that it cannot have any modern buildings, old ruins are fine and ideally a small stream would make the plot even better,” said Hans Imanse.

Not only will there be a chance for many local tradesmen to benefit from the initial construction of the site, this will also be an opportunity for residents of the Algarve to become part of the production.

HanS Imanse said: “This is a unique opportunity to be part of a global production right here in the Algarve. We will need many different people with various skills and will be looking to the Algarve first to find these people.”

The nature of the reality show is still highly confidential but it has already been franchised to more than 10 countries worldwide, with further countries expected to follow suit in the future.

“This show is expected to be bigger than Big Brother around the world. The concept is far more interactive and exciting for the viewers who will become part of the adventure as it progresses,” said Jacqueline Imanse.

Filming of the first series of the reality show for Dutch television is to begin in January so speed is of the essence in finding a suitable plot.

“If we do not find land within the next month then the project will be taken elsewhere. This would be a terrible shame for the Algarve as there is massive potential to be able to market the region across the world as well as providing hundreds of jobs directly as builders, carpenters and part of the production as well as indirectly for the hospitality industry in the Algarve.”

If you think you have or know of a piece of land that could be suitable for the production, please contact Jacqueline Imanse by calling 289 832 245 or alternatively email [email protected]