International healers meet

ECHO, the European Confederation of Healing Organisations, is having a meeting in the Algarve, thanks to one of its key members, Douglas Ballard, well-known here for his regular visits.

Douglas is ECHO’s Marketing Executive and also represents the British Alliance of Healing Associations (BAHA). He is responsible for promoting natural healing and the work of ECHO to healers and patients alike. While this is a relatively small gathering of ECHO executives, Douglas hopes to bring future meetings to the Algarve. “They are normally held in northern Europe, but the Algarve is much warmer, as well as being one of my favourite places!” he said.

Douglas will also be holding his usual round of group work and private sessions, from March 14 to March 21, at the home of his Portugal co-ordinator, Judy Sharp, near Almancil, and in Lagos.

A session of healing can help with problems at physical, mental and emotional levels, and Douglas has helped many people with ailments including stress, backache and relief from pain from old injuries. Two recent cases in the Algarve, that Douglas treated with one session only, are worth mentioning: one is of a little girl with severe allergies, whom Douglas treated, and she no longer needs daily time on her nebuliser unit; the other case is of a lady who had been suffering, for over a year, from vomiting after every snack or meal. His readings have also proved amazingly accurate and have helped people to move on with their lives, getting them out of that awful “stuck” situation.

Douglas will come to the Algarve fresh from one of his trips to the US and will, undoubtedly, bring back another handful of healing stories from Aspen and New York. For more information or to make an appointment, contact Judy Sharp on 966 108 605 or by e-mail on [email protected]