International art scene for Lisbon

LISBON CÂMARA is to push for a greater internationalisation of its arts scene, in order to turn the city into a European cultural centre. It aims to bring Lisbon in line with cities such as Prague, Edinburgh and Venice, whose festivals are world renowned.

The câmara already has a major company, EGEAC, to manage entertainment events in the city. The company has previously organised various summer festivals in Lisbon, such as the annual Popular Marches which take place each June. The idea is to attract additional foreign artists, in various fields, to the new Lisbon Village Festival project, the first European digital cinema festival (visit:

Lisbon’s Cultural Officer, José Amaral Lopes, commented: “Lisbon Câmara is not trying to replace the Ministry of Culture nor the International Council for Arts Management (ICAM), but should be able to promote itself as a city through the media of theatre, dance, music and film. It is essential to make our events more international, considering that Lisbon has all the right conditions and stages to put on international entertainment events, such as the European Film Awards, which I would like to see here.”