Intermezzo update

HIGHLY REGARDED French lawyer Gilbert Collard has announced that he will be working with the defence team of Corinne Caspar, the woman at the centre of the controversial Intermezzo case.

Caspar and Thierry Beille were arrested earlier this summer when a capsized trimaran was found off the coast of Sagres with the body of Frenchman, Andres le Floc’h, tied up inside.

Caspar and Beille were rescued on a raft close to the boat and are now facing charges of homicide.

Both Beille, being held at Faro prison, and Caspar, held at Odemira, have been represented by Portuguese lawyer Francisco Pagarete.

Reports now suggest that Collard, who is based in Marseille, will be stepping in to represent Caspar and act as a link between the Portuguese legal system and her family. There has been no mention of Collard taking part in Beille’s defence.

Speaking to the media, Collard stated: “I have decided to help with Corrine’s defence. Her mother has contacted me and informed me about the situation.”

In the Algarve

Collard will soon begin correspondence with Caspar and has plans to travel to the Algarve in the coming weeks. It is unlikely he can take full charge of the defence as he is not registered under the Ordem dos Advogados Portuguesa, Order of Portuguese lawyers.

According to reports, Francisco Pagarete has been asked to excuse himself from the defence of Caspar, but not of Beille. Caspar has also refused to make any further statements in the inquiry without the presence of the French lawyer.

Collard has attained a lot of media attention in France by featuring in many high profile cases including the 1998 Tour de France doping scandal involving the Festina team.

He has also represented footballer Zinadine Zidane and ex-Haiti president, Jean Bertrand Aristide.