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Intermezzo case could go European

OPORTO LAWYER, António Vilar is to defend Corine Caspar, one of the two French citizens suspected of the murder of André le Floch, on the condition that he is the only lawyer involved in her defence.

Vilar met with Caspar and her French lawyer Gilbert Collard on January 24, but delayed making his final decision on whether or not to take on the case until January 29.

The Frenchwoman and her half-brother, Thierry Beille, are suspected of killing le Floch last August on board his trimaran the Intermezzo.

Vilar said: “I spoke with Corine Caspar and told her my decision and conditions, the main being that the conduct of the process will be my responsibility.”

High profile French lawyer Collard invited Vilar to defend his client as he cannot represent Caspar by himself because he is not registered in the Portuguese law system.

Vilar has asked the Departamento de Investigação e Acção Penal (DIAP) de Évora to give him access to the courtroom during the trial’s initial phases, saying that if his request was not authorised he would present the complaint to the European Court of Human Rights.

Portuguese law imposes the ‘Secret of Justice’ in the primary stages of a trial, which makes it very difficult for lawyers as they are not allowed to be present.

Vilar argued that if this was the situation, defence would be practically impossible.

Vilar insists that the intense and negative media coverage towards his client will not affect the defence.

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