Intermarché’s Wallabies at the Lagos Zoo

Supporting to protect and conserve

At the Lagos Zoo there are ten Wallabies – marsupials very similar to kangaroos but smaller – that have a very special “godfather”. The Lagos Intermarché embraced, almost a decade ago, the mission of sponsoring and supporting them by providing part of the food they need. Every day the zoo’s staff goes to this hypermarket to collect fruit, that hasn’t been sold and is reaching its expiration date or that is no longer fit for sale, to prepare the meals for these animals.

The funny Wallabies run around loose in the zoo, charming and delighting the kids and adults that interact with them. This year a baby was born and the family grew!

Open all-year-round, the Lagos Zoo houses around 150 species of animals, and some endangered species, like the African penguins, find shelter here. The environment is fantastic and it’s possible for the public to interact with the animals in specially designed habitats, and even to feed some of them. With a very welcoming team, always ready to help, this is indeed an excellent family programme.

“The Lagos Zoo is an attraction for the whole family and a reference in the region, not just for the local community, but also to tourists visiting the Algarve. And with their work and investment in conservation and animal protection, nurturing and continuing with this partnership makes as much sense to us now, as it did on day one, almost ten years ago.”, says Ariana Nobre, head of marketing of Lagos Intermarché.

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