Intermarché unveils new ‘PorSi’ brand

Intermarché unveils new ‘PorSi’ brand

This winter marks the introduction of Intermarché’s PorSi brand.

Meaning ‘For You’, it signifies a pledge by the group to providing the best range of quality products for the best price so everyone can afford to live well.
The new brand includes a range of products, from pasta and ready-meals to sauces, spices, nuts, and even soft drinks.

Each product meets the group’s strict criteria, with the goal being to save customers the hassle of checking the quality of the products.

The group did all of this because it understands that when customers come into the stores, they are looking to take care of themselves and their family with choices that suit their lifestyle and tastes.

Intermarché also values organic products that contain no harmful chemicals as a result of their production.

Their bio products are certified, easy to identify and can be found in the stores’ bio section. With the Intermarché seal of approval, the goal is to show customers that they can be sure that what they’re eating has been grown in harmony with nature through sustainable agricultural methods.

At Intermarché’s stores, you’ll find vegetables grown in Portugal and identified with the Origins Programme seal. In fact, within the vast selection in the PorSi range, there are many products that have been produced in Portugal, and even from a local supplier.

With the arrival of PorSi brand, some products from Chabrior, Páturages or Saint Eloi are no longer available, but Intermarché is confident that customers will find “like-for-like and better”.