Intermarché launches healthy food section

Intermarché Carvoeiro, a local favourite for both residents and tourists alike offering international and local produce, now has a large selection of gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, diabetic and lactose-free items on sale in a dedicated section in front of the fresh fish counter.

In stock are brands such as Schär gluten-free, celiac and wheat intolerance pastas, breads, muffins and snacks, as well as Lizi’s high-protein, low-sugar, organic granolas and a selection of specialty milks including lactose-free, almond and soy milks and other varieties.

Customers will also find low-carb options including Atkins low-carb bars, diabetic snacks, dietary supplements, vitamins, teas and a range of high-octane superfoods and berry juices in the aisles.

In the freezer department, next to the fresh fruits and vegetables, are frozen gluten-free pizzas, bread, ice creams and Linda McCartney vegetarian meals.

The in-store bakery also stocks a wide selection of rye and gluten-free breads and gluten-free cakes.