World Animal Day celebrated on October 4

Intermarché helps animal associations across Portugal 

Supermarket chain Intermarché is once again trying to help feed or find new owners for abandoned dogs and cats across Portugal through its ‘Amiga-me’ campaign, which runs until March 22.

The campaign is running for one full month for the first time in its seven-year history in a bid to raise even more food for animals in need.

Intermarché clients can take part in the initiative by purchasing one of the vouchers available at the supermarkets or online at, with each voucher accounting for at least one meal.

Once the campaign is over, the purchased vouchers will be counted and turned into food items, which will be delivered to the dozens of partnering animal associations across the country.

‘Amiga-me’ also runs an online adoption platform available all year round, aiming to find forever homes for abandoned animals.

“With a new image, the Intermarché campaign calls on clients to contribute, in the form of donations or responsible adoption, to the success of this initiative,” the chain says in a statement to the press.

Animal abandonment is a growing concern in Portugal, with the number of overcrowded shelters increasing by the day.

SIC Notícias reports that over 2,000 animal abandonment and abuse crimes were registered by PSP and GNR police in 2022, the largest number ever recorded.