Intermarché donates ambulance to VRSA firefighters

Intermarché supermarket in Vila Real de Santo António has donated a new ambulance to the local fire station.

“Given the support that firefighters provide to the population, it is fundamental that they have the means and equipment needed to do their job,” said Carlos Gomes, owner of Intermarché VRSA.

He added that the ambulance can mean “the difference between life and death”, which is why the donation was made.

Intermarché is one of the main supermarket chains in Portugal and is owned by the Os Mosqueteiros group, which in recent years has promoted several campaigns to support the country’s Bombeiros.

It has already donated around 50 fire trucks to stations across Portugal, and since 2014 has provided firefighters with 1,225 new firefighting outfits.

The group says it is also preparing a new national campaign to support the country’s Bombeiros which will be launched soon.