Interesting read

Dear Editor,

I thought it important to comment on the series by Carolyn Kain about Hans Christian Andersen which has been appearing in the Resident and which I have been thoroughly enjoying.

Many times we read things which please us and can easily demonstrate our enjoyment by simply pressing the “like” button. But let’s not forget how important it is to the writer and indeed the newspaper in which an article is published to also know how we feel.

I want to thank the author for her entertaining and informative article about a man who I only knew as the writer of some of my favorite fairy tales. I had no idea that he was a travel writer or that he wrote about the country I have called home for many years. It is fascinating reading and some parts frighteningly similar to the Portugal I encountered in 1972!

I eagerly await the next installment and will be checking your pages regularly.

Daisy Williams
By email