Interactive map of the Algarve

GOOD news for the navigationally challenged residents of the Algarve. An online interactive map of the region has been launched at The innovative programme allows users to zoom into any region of the Algarve and get a unique ‘birds eye’ view of the area.

The application maps the Algarve by superimposing images obtained from satellite imagery and aerial photography onto the map. Launched earlier in the year, the map has already proved successful with residents and tourists as a great source for finding new, unknown locations.

The map has two styles, cartographic or photographic. You can adapt the map to show exactly what you want to locate. You can then print off the map so you have visual directions, which, in theory mean that you’ll never get lost again!

The easy to use map has many features and tools that let you customize it to your specific needs. In addition to the zoom tools, you can measure your route in kilometers and you can even have the location of any restaurants, bars, health centres, historic buildings and tourist attractions pinpointed on the map.

Once you have found what you want, it is possible to make a weblink or PDF document for the location so that you can send it to friends, colleagues or save it for the future.

The programme is similar in style to Google Earth, an interactive global map, which allows you to zoom into any part of the world from space.

Project developers Globalgarve say that Mapas Interactivas boasts a superior resolution to some of the photos from Google Earth and they plan to update the photographic images on a regular basis.