Intense snowfall hits north and centre of Portugal

With postings on Facebook already showing the extent of snowfall in Portugal’s northern districts, weather authority IPMA has issued a warning saying even more will follow this afternoon – with the likelihood of roads becoming blocked.

The districts of Bragança, Vila Real, Viseu and Viana do Castelo are already being ‘painted white’ with isolated villages facing the habitual winter problem of being temporarily ‘cut off’.

“This situation is due to a complex depression that has created a nucleus over the Mediterranean going all the way to the Iberian Peninsula”, IPMA’s meteorologist Paula Leitão told Lusa.

“The snow will be very intense and persistent during the afternoon and into tomorrow morning”.

Leitão added that snow will “gradually extend to the centre region”.

Elsewhere, temperatures are bracing, but the Algarve remains bathed in autumn sunshine.

For a view of how cold it can get in northern Portugal, (click here)

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