“Intense smell of smoke” forces emergency landing of Ryanair jet bound for Porto

A Ryanair jet bound for Porto from Dusseldorf in Germany yesterday was forced to make an emergency landing in Cologne after crew members “detected the intense smell of smoke onboard”.

The smell was also noticed by passengers, many of them Portuguese.

Said Eduardo Aires: “Everybody noticed it”.

But there was no panic, he stressed: “Anxiety, yes, but no panic”.

According to Jornal de Notícias, the Boeing 737-800 flew without further incident to Cologne where it was checked on the tarmac.

The flight was listed as “cancelled” and rescheduled for early this (Wednesday) morning.

The plane had already entered Belgian airspace by the time the crew ‘“smelt a strange odour, like smoke”, reported The Aviation Herald, adding that the crew radioed ahead to confirm they could not find any sign of a fire onboard.

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