Insurers offer up to €20,000 for information on Quinta jewellery heist

Insurers for the David Rosas jewellers ransacked of hundreds of thousands of euros worth of stock in broad daylight almost three months ago have issued a fat reward for any information that could lead to its recovery.

According to tabloid Correio da Manhã this morning, the payout could reach €20,000.

Anyone with inside knowledge is encouraged to call a telephone number (960184 927).

It is not immediately clear who the phone number connects to but it now looks quite obvious that the armed attack on the exclusive outlet at Quinta Shopping netted the kind of ‘value in losses’ that insurers are loathe to reimburse before exhausting every avenue that could lead to recovery.

The raid shocked businesses in the popular shopping area for its level of planning and determination (click here).

Masked men swooped down on the store shortly after it had opened for business on Thursday September 28, and held guns to the heads of staff.

As a security source told the Resident at the time: “There was nothing anyone could have done”.

The raiders arrived and left on motorbikes, disappearing in the direction of the wild Ludo beach area where pursuit by any other form of vehicle would be impossible.

The MO is in fact one that has been used in other jewellery heists in Lisbon and at Guia’s AlgarveShopping.

So far none of the incidents have resulted in any arrests.

The reward said to be on the table now for information “that could lead to the detention of the raiders” involves a straight €10,000 pay-out to be followed by 10% of the value of any goods recovered “up to a value of €100,000”, says CM.

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